Unnoticed Performances

this is a space for non-human existence


Melting skin
Washing hands
Breath is leaving me, just to come back the other second
Am I gone? 
Hidden secrets between my cells
I disappear into you, I breath you, I become you
The world with closed eyes – different, yet the same
Earth on my navel, roots into my heart
I am you 
I wish you could come and bring me into your home
Lost life, lost hope – just love that can still talk to me 
You, with your green dress, your endless stream of water, your soft patience 
Revealing miracles without ever finding an end.

My body is a space of resistance


I resist being part of the species of homo sapiens. 
I resist following the rules of life as a homo sapiens. 
I will not behave like a homo sapiens, nor will I try to fit in. 
I am not more or less than a small worm inside the earth. 
I am not special, I have no right to think I would be. 
In the end it’s a circle. 
In resistance to the human kind. 



A white plain surface transforms into a playground for communication. 
One red line in the middle, my aching heart on our planet. 
A fight for change, endless tears and the frightening knowledge of life. 
Soft fingers leaving marks of white on white – an attempt to escape two-dimensional understanding. 
Nature on paper. 
Nature as an endless inspiration and truest love. 
Endless softness and brutality. 
Fantastic creatures hanging in the air: observing, seeing, understanding, caring and trusting. 


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Where do we look?
When do we perceive a situation as a performance? 
Is the more-than-human world not dancing? 
Do trees dance? Water? Clouds?
Giving space. 
Can I disappear into my own solo? 
Something grows and time is relative. Time is subjective.
Maybe closing the eyes. Maybe silence. Maybe forgetting yourself for a moment.

This is a time for non-human existence. It’s a performance, dedicated to all the other species of life and beings.
Stepping back and just being with non-human existence, listening, sensing and breathing with them. 
We are so used to watch other human bodies that it would be hard for our eyes to focus on something non human, while a human body is still on stage. 
So I am sitting here as a human, taking space and time while I want to give it to the more-than-humans. But my urge to share these words with you is bigger than the contradiction of this action.
I resist to perform. 
I resist being seen as only a human body. 
I resist thinking to be better than any other being on this planet. 
I desire to be a worm, digesting earth, I desire to be a tiny plant growing between stones, I desire to be a bird, a fish, an elephant, a mushroom, a tree. 
How can I trust, that my existence is welcome? 
How can I interact with any other being? 
How can I exist in times of never ending loss of other species?

I recommend

David Abram: The Spell of the Sensuous
Stefano Mancuso: The Nation of Plants - A radical manifesto for humans

The mediated plant - Teresa Castro: https://www.e-flux.com/journal/102/283819/the-mediated-plant/
Marcus Maeder Ecoacoustics, Sounding Soil: https://marcusmaeder.ch 

Unnoticed Performances

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